Cheval Training

Classical European 3-Day Eventing and Dressage Training


 At Cheval Training we emphasize the correct development of the horse through classical training. Our philosophy is to put the needs and happiness of the horse first and success will follow.   Have a look around – we look forward to hearing from you!


More than just a trainer.



Alexis Helffrich began his riding career holding multi-disciplinary working student positions. His experiences include working at a Hunter Jumper barn in Italy, a racetrack in France, and- most famously- with Andrew Nicholson for 2 years in England.

He was then accepted to the Ecole Nationale d’Equitation in Saumur, France. After three years at the university he graduated with honors and a BEES2 certification (equivalent to U.S. ARICP Instructor’s Certificate Level III & IV) as well as a BS in Equine Business Management. He is licensed to teach thru Advanced level Eventing and Fourth level Dressage.

After his arrival in the US in 2005, Alexis was selected as a Developing rider and had the opportunity to train with Mark Phillips. Alexis has been a consistent competitor at events on the West Coast and currently has two horses competing at the upper levels and numerous youngsters at various levels of training.




Certified thru 4th Level

Alexis has competed thru 4th level in France and plans to compete Leonado SE Prix St George in 2017.

Show Jumping

Certified thru 1.40m

Alexis competed in show jumping before becoming an Eventer. He has competed up to the 1.40m in both Europe and the USA.



Certified thru Advanced

Alexis first competed at the Advanced level in 2008. He has trained numerous horses to this level, including Leyasta, Londontown and Leonado SE. He also currently coaches students competing at the Advanced Level. 


Full time Training

The Cheval Team consists of 30 horses, all competing in either Eventing and/or Dressage. Alexis teaches an average of 38 lessons a week in addition to riding 6 days a week. The team travels to competitions in California, Oregon, and Montana. Starting in 2017 we will also be traveling to Washington.